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Elite Babysitting Group

Family Memberships

Currently Serving:
Kootenai County


Pay Per Request
$ 19
One Time
  • Create Family Profile
  • Add'l $15.99 Charge Per Request
  • 24 Hour Service


3 Month Membership
$ 99
Every 3 Months
  • Create Family Profile
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 24 Hour Service


1 Year Membership
$ 299
Per Year
  • Create Family Profile
  • Unlimited Requests
  • 24 Hour Service

What to Expect With Your Membership

No more texting, emailing and scrambling to find a Babysitter.

Custom Booking Software

You will receive access to our app software (Apple, Android or Desktop Version) where you will create your families profile. Your profile will include all necessary information regarding care for your children so that you babysitter will have easy access to important information. This includes your children’s daily routines, allergy information, feeding schedule, emergency contact information and so much more.

Helping make for an easier transition when you are trying to get out the door!

Quality Control

All of our Elite Babysitters have gone through a rigorous interview process to become a part of our team. We have spent time getting to know and understand each Elite Babysitter to ensure reliable quality care for your family. As well, every Elite Babysitter is rated and reviewed by each family after every job to ensure quality of service. 

Elite Babysitters have completed: In Person Interview, Nationwide Criminal Database Search, Sex Offender Registry, Social Security Number Trace, CPR & First Aid Certification, Positive Internet Presence, References Verified, Previous Employment Verified and Signed Agency Contracts. 

Simplified Booking Process

  1. Utilize the App on your phone or desktop to input a babysitting request.
  2. Upon completing your request your will have the chance to preview the summary and cost of the request before it is sent. 
  3. Based on your request only the Elite Babysitters that match the requirements will receive the option to accept.
  4. Once an Elite Babysitter accepts, you will receive an automated notification of acceptance that will include the Elite Babysitters profile and contact information. 
  5. The Elite Babysitter will then call you within 24 hours to introduce themselves and confirm the date, time and location of the request. 

About Our Elite Babysitters

Unlike other companies or software systems, we hand pick and interview each any every one of our Elite Babysitters. They have all passed a rigorous screening and interview process. But more so we pride ourselves on being able to hand select only those who embody what we would expect in a nurturing care provider. 

Many of our Elite Babysitters are previous or current teachers, have a number of child course certifications, hold degrees in a variety of fields, currently work or have worked with us as a Nanny, have children of their own, have chosen a variety of careers where they work with children, volunteer and much more. All of which are reasons behind what makes our babysitters – Elite Babysitters.

Membership Details

Membership Fee: Only covers the cost of the agency’s services. Families are still responsible to pay the Elite Babysitter the pre determined hourly rate by cash, check or online payment processing at the end of each assignment.

Assigned Elite Babysitter: You may “favorite”  or request a specific sitter for your position. As well as place a sitter on your “do not use list”. You may also request a different sitter if you are not satisfied with the one that has accepted your request. 

Babysitting Wage: $15/hr base pay. Additional fees for 3+ children, newborn care, special needs care or care on a federal holiday. There are no discounts given, and overnight care is still charged the minimum hourly rate. 

Cancellation Fee: $25 fee charged if cancelled within 24 hours of start time.

Q & A

I need to cancel my request.

You may cancel your request by either cancelling within your profile or contacting us. You will be charged a $25 cancellation fee if cancelled with less that 24 hour notice.

How much are Elite Babysitters paid?

Wages start at $15 an hour for the first 2 kids. Additional charges for infants, 3+ children, hotel or vacation rentals and holiday fees apply.
You will be able to review the cost of your job request prior to submitting.

How do families pay their Elite Babysitters?

Families are in charge of paying the Elite Babysitter cash, check or  via an online payment service.

Booking a request within 24 hours?

No problem! And no extra fee.

Submit your request as soon as you can, and our Elite Babysitters will be notified. No phone call will be required for the Elite Babysitter to make if a job is created less than 24 hours from start time.

What if I don't like the Elite Babysitter that accepted my job request?

You may contact us anytime and request a new Elite Babysitter. We will resend your request to other applicants and make the swap if a suitable match is found.

I want to request a specific Elite Babysitter

Of course! You can actually “favorite” any Elite Babysitter that you wish to use again and they will always be sent your request first. You may also request a specific Elite Babysitter by calling or emailing us.

Will the Elite Babysitter see what I write in their review?

No, the ratings and reviews are for staff only. We use this to asses the Elite Babysitters to ensure quality control as well as rank them so that families will always receive the highest rated Elite Babysitters first. 

I need a babysitter for an entire week, are there discounts?

There are no discounts for extended requests. Generally for requests a week or longer it is best to utilize the quarterly or annual membership to receive the best rate. 

Can I have the same Elite Babysitter for all of my requests?

That is the goal! We always like consistency especially if you are needing care for more than one day at a time. We will do our best to book with the same Elite Babysitter but we can not guarantee. 

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership through your Stripe confirmation email or by contacting us direct.

Babysitter Requirements

All babysitters have passed the following:
  • In Person Interview
  • CPR & First Aid Certification
  • Verified Child Care Experience (2+ Years)
  • Reference Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Internet Presence
  • Nationwide Criminal Databases Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Sex Offender Check

Placing a
Babysitting Request