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Before the coronavirus pandemic, around half the families in the United States reported having trouble finding child care. Post-pandemic? That number jumped to nearly two-thirds of families because of business restrictions, school closures, and stay-at-home orders. 

There’s no doubt about it: the nanny industry has changed in the wake of the pandemic. Our team at Idaho Nanny Agency knows that this can be an interesting time for both families and childcare professionals. 

Largely due to the demand for nannies across the country has increased ten fold. Why? Many families previously relied on daycares and school as a child care option. But with closures and restrictions it has made finding quality child care nearly impossible. Idaho Nanny Agency has had to make some adjustments. We’ve found that actively recruiting part-time and full-time nannies helps us expand our pool of nannies to meet our families’ needs. As well as keeping open lines with our families and nannies. Making sure we have up to date information about local Covid-19 restrictions and statistics. 

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us, nanny agencies included. We understand parents’ frustration with the changes in the nanny industry. Juggling your children’s schooling, work, and the health and safety of your family is not easy. If you’re looking for a nanny or temporary care in Norther Idaho, the team at Idaho Nanny Agency is ready to help. 

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