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Family Nanny Placement Process

Our Signature Process

Initial Phone Consultation

Once you submit a registration form on our website we will reach out to you to schedule our phone consultation. In our initial conversation, we’ll cover your weekly schedule, job responsibilities, childcare philosophies and the personal and professional qualities you’d like to see in your ideal nanny.

Finding the Right Fit

Based on your specific criteria, we personally match you with the nannies most suitable for your position. Candidates will not only fit the job description but match or compliment the families personality and ideals to ensure a longer lasting and happy working relationship. Once the nannies have passed our extensive screening process access to our platform will be emailed to you. On our platform your will be able to log in and view and comment on the applicants you are interested in interviewing. 

Schedule Interviews

Once you determine a candidate to be a suitable fit we will coordinate and schedule interviews in the comfort of your home, or you may choose to do an initial interview over the phone, zoom or neutral party location. 

Interview Process

We will then walk you through the interview process and provide you a detailed interview guide, tax information and insurance resource to help educate you so you can feel confident in the interview/hire process and know what to look for and what to ask. As well we can assist in scheduling a working interview where a selected candidate may agree to work for 1-5 consecutive days as an extension of the interview process to ensure the best fit.


Once you have selected a candidate you would like to move forward with we will help draft an offer letter. Once accepted we will move on to drafting a nanny contract. A professional contract template will be given to you to utilize and fill out to suit your families exact needs. It will then be reviewed by our staff and gone over with the chosen candidate. We will handle all questions and negotiations. And once all have agreed to the terms the contract will be sent to all parties for electronic signature. 

Provide Ongoing Support

After your hire, we are always here to answer questions, or to just stay in touch! As well your family will receive our "Home Binder" in the mail that will include your finalized contract, daily logs, emergency contact information, tax paperwork, cleaning schedule, meal planning guide and so much more (dependent on your placement). 

Our 10 Point Screening Process