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How to set your Nanny up for success.

How to Set Up Your Nanny for Success 

You just hired a nanny to be a part of your family and are looking forward to having the support you need around the house and with the children. After establishing the written contract and pay services, there are many steps to assure your nanny is set up for success. 

Introducing the Nanny 

On the first day, be present with the kids and the new nanny to assure they are comfortable with each other. The initial introduction is important for both the children and the nanny, having a treat and eating at the table or having the nanny join them during play time is a good way for everyone to get to know each other. Incorporating a nanny into the family is a big change, it may take some time to adjust and for everyone to become comfortable. It helps the children become more comfortable with the nanny if you are around as they will look to who is familiar for reassurance. 

Show the Nanny Around 

Give the nanny a tour of the house and show them where everything is they may need. Make sure the nanny is familiar with all the appliances and how to use them the way you intend. Remember, everyone does things a little different, it really helps the nanny if they know exactly how you like things done. This includes demonstrating how to use child specific appliances such as bathing and feeding/cooking equipment. Lastly, make sure the nanny knows where the First/ AID CPR kit is located, fire extinguisher, and medicine cabinet. Run through the fire safety protocol and emergency procedures, safety is the number one concern for both the nanny and the parents, it greatly benefits the nanny if they understand your expectations. 

If the nanny is new to the area, show them around the neighborhood and neighboring areas. Make sure they know which parks they can take the children and what areas to avoid if there are any. This will help the nanny feel more comfortable with taking the kids out of the house. 

Create a Routine and Schedule  

Document the children’s routine or go over the schedule and create a new routine together. Your nanny might need some guidance and a schedule will provide structure. Make sure to express that you don’t expect it to be followed exactly, it will be of great relief to the nanny if they have some flexibility with the schedule/routine. At the end of the week, you should debrief with your new nanny on how it’s going. If you’re communicating through an app like Baby Tracker or using a nanny journal to make sure that’s working for them and you both are on the same page. 

How to Make Your Nanny Feel Welcome 

Provide the nanny with their own personal nanny bag or other equipment if applicable. For example, it is most convenient if the nanny has their own diaper bag with their own supplies. Associated with that make sure to keep enough supplies for when they need to restock their bags. This relieves a lot of stress on the nanny as they are responsible for their equipment, shared equipment tends to be more chaotic.  

Designate a personal space where your nanny can put their stuff or finding a spot in the kitchen for her own food. Give clarification if your nanny is welcome to anything in your kitchen like showing her how to use the coffee machine or provide snacks that the nanny enjoys. With these basic tips I hope it improves your nanny experience.  

The biggest component to a healthy and enjoyable transition is communication. Just like that in a marriage, find what works, adjust what doesn’t but allow there to be a learning curve. You may have chosen the perfect Nanny but if you don’t help set them up for success it may not go as expected. Things may come easy to a parent as they do these tasks every day but for a Nanny they are getting to know you and your child(ren) using cliff notes.  

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