About us


Owner & CEO

Manager, Family Relations, Marketing and Community Outreach      

Hello! I am Briana the owner of Idaho Nanny Agency. Firstly, thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to learn about our company. We are rapidly growing and expanding but always keeping our initial goal in mind of making sure this will always be a safe place for families and caregivers to connect and help each other. 

Since becoming a mom, I have learned first hand how hard it is to leave your children in the care of others. For many years I struggled finding sitters that were professional, reliable and genuinely caring towards our children. I knew I couldn’t be the only one searching and coming up empty. 

Coming from a business and marketing background I knew there was something I could do. And Idaho Nanny Agency was just the thing to fill a long-time empty niche in the Idaho childcare market. It came to be purely out of necessity for my community, family, and friends. Creating strong values and a pure desire for you to feel safe and cared for, whether you are a nanny or a parent. We truly hope to become a reliable resource to families and nannies in need.   

Briana Johnson

Nanny Whisperer

Assistant Director, Lead Recruiter, Nanny Relations and Councelor

    Risa has been an amazing asset to our team working as our Nanny Whisperer. Having worked with agencies previously as a nanny and recruiter. She has the knowledge, experience and passion it takes to spot a good Nanny. She has been working with children for fifteen+ years as a Nanny, a special education paraeducator, a respite care provider, as well as registered behavior technician. And interestingly enough she was also a previous librarian technician for three+ years where she continued her love of reading and education. She also has a passion working with and supporting local children and youth services. 

In her free time she enjoys exploring the wilderness with her family and dogs, or you may even spot her getting a workout in at the local gym!