Rates & Placement Fees

Idaho Nanny Agency

At Idaho Nanny Agency,
we know how important this hire is to you. Briana works directly with each family to assist them in finding a quality nanny that matches their unique family.

Placement Fees

We promise to always be transparent with families who wish to work with us. And that includes knowing what our fees are upfront. There is only one upfront fee (registration fee) due at the time of application. Otherwise, there are no other payments/fees until you have fully contracted with your candidate of choice.

Registration Fee: $250 fee is due upfront and will be credited towards placement fee. This non-refundable and is the only upfront fee you pay until you sign a contract with your desired candidate.
Placement Fee: is a one-time fee of 10% of the employee's total gross contracted compensation for up to 1 year (minimum fee of $2750 does apply to most placements). The placement fee is only due once a contract is signed and in place with your candidate of choice.


Idaho Employment Rates

Idaho Nanny Agency's highly trained team will collectively work together to develop a detailed job description and craft a competitive compensation package to attract top talent specific to your family.

* Please reach out to us if you would like guidance on the appropriate wage for your area and needs.
We suggest families a minimum hourly wage of at least $18/hr for all positions.

Q & A

Why charge the same amount for part-time and full time nannies?

From years of working in the industry, we have found that searching for a reliable and quality part time employee is just as much work (if not more) than searching for a full-time nanny. We do not want to preform fast and easy placements that will not stick but rather find someone who will stay with your family long-term whether that is a part-time or full-time nanny.

Where do you find your nannies?

Our nanny candidate comes to us through local parent groups, personal, and client referrals; our local nanny networks; college job boards; our website; targeted social media and word of mouth. It helps being a local company where all of our staff resides within Idaho therefore making these opportunities known in our communities. 

What do you require of your nanny candidates?

– At least 18 years of age Legal authorization to work in the USA
– Non- smoker
– Able to make at least a 1 year commitment to a family
– At least TWO years of verifiable, paid childcare or early childhood education experience
– A clear outline of their work history
– Excellent professional childcare references
– CPR and First Aid Certification or willingness to be certified promptly
– Good communication, punctual, professional, honest and polite.
– Love and passion for educating children and helping families
– Successful completion of our screening process

How long should I expect the process to take from starting with Idaho Nanny to hiring my nanny?

This answer depends on the requirements of the search, location of job, competitive compensation, your communication with Idaho Nanny and your availability to meet with candidates. Most families find their nanny between 2 weeks and 6 weeks after the search is underway. Please discuss with INA your timeline so we can better assist you. 

How are taxes handled?

A family who employs a nanny for more than $2,200 annually is the employer and cannot legally hire a nanny or family assistant as an independent contractor. The employer will need to account for approximately 10-12% above gross wages. However there are tax benefits for hiring a household employee as well as benefits for the employee. We will provide you the resources to help in all facets of the hiring and employing process. For more information on your legal obligations when hiring, please speak with us direct or your tax advisor.

What if it does not work out with the nanny we hire?

Idaho Nanny works hard to assist you in finding quality candidates that match your family needs long term. If the employment does not work out for any reason within the 30 days we can offer your a full refund or within the first 90 days we can offer a replacement if the candidate does not meet or exceed expectations.